Asset Protection

Asset Protection

The tragedy raises serious questions for owners, agents and landlords. Questions of responsibility, ultimately leading to questions of ownership structures, Asset Protection and property management.

Fire .. injury .. even death … Who is responsible? Tenant or landlord?

The recent fire in Queensland with the consequent death of 11 people mostly children is a horrendous tragedy for the families involved, particularly the survivors.

In his latest newsletter, PropertyBuyer’s Rich Harvey asks the question ‘Is now a good time to buy’ property given all the uncertainty around us – particularly that generated by volatility in the stock market etc. His analysis and response was so good I have taken permission to include it in this newsletter in it entirety – see below.

Minimising Tax ‐ If you are running a business there may still be an opportunity to minimise tax in 2011 financial year – where stock is a major part of your operation – for more details see below.

Early lodgements = Early refunds. Most negatively geared property investors expect a refund on lodging their tax returns. Lodging your tax return early means an early refund.

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