ATO Fires first warning shot

ATO Fires first warning shot

The Tax Office has fired the first warning shot in the war against naive, deceptive and dishonest taxpayers, revealing its targets for 2013/2014.

Last month I was taken to task by a subscriber for implying a change of government may be good. It is great to receive reader response. Feel free to comment on anything below.

Facts is now there is an election. But to property investors the more important news is that interest rates are still falling while rents are rising or at least stable, making attractive to acquire more property investment. Positively geared investors are receiving more cash in their pocket. Negatively geared investors are receiving lower refunds but reducing loans with the difference.

Negatively geared property investors usually like to lodge their tax returns early to access the cash from their tax refunds. For help with tax returns or to discuss further, contact Shukri.

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