About Us

Why was Property Tax Specialists Created?

With extended growth of property values, awareness and interest have grown enormously in the late ‘90’s. Pointing to the growth rates agents and other promoters were enticing people to invest in property.

Wealth creation seminars were preaching how to invest with minimum or no cash, as well as, acquiring multiple properties as a means to retirement bliss with passive income, interest has soared to great heights.

With greater awareness of property in the community and a personal interest in property investment & development as well as constantly being asked to advise on property issues, Shukri Barbara decided to focus on helping and supporting clients’ with an interest in property investment maximising their opportunities and protection while legally minimising their tax liabilities.

Who Shukri Barbara & His Team Are

Shukri Barbara is a CPA with over 30 years experience in public practice and professional associations support service.

To help him better understand business opportunities from other people’s point of view he undertook a post graduate marketing course.

Where other accountants may focus only on costs and expenses, the marketing background together with the accounting and broad business experience provide Shukri with a more valuable and unique outlook to investment and business opportunities.

He combines his skills, not only to benefit clients but in his own practice and other business operations.

Where necessary, Shukri calls on, co-ordinates and manages appropriately qualified associates to help with client projects.