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Why was Property Tax Specialists Created?

With extended growth of property values, awareness and interest have grown enormously in the late ‘90’s. Pointing to the growth rates agents and other promoters were enticing people to invest in property.

Wealth creation seminars were preaching how to invest with minimum or no cash, as well as, acquiring multiple properties as a means to retirement bliss with passive income, interest has soared to great heights.

With greater awareness of property in the community and a personal interest in property investment & development as well as constantly being asked to advise on property issues, Shukri Barbara decided to focus on helping and supporting clients’ with an interest in property investment maximising their opportunities and protection while legally minimising their tax liabilities.

Our Team

Shukri Barbara

Shukri Barbara is the founder of Property Tax Specialist. Shukri has over 30 years’ experience in public practice and professional service. Being a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Tax Advisor, he is recognised by individuals and businesses for his practical and considerate advice to achieve their goals.

Shukri’s strategic approach to property investments, as well as his extensive experience in business and marketing, has made Shukri a sought-after market specialist. He is capable of assisting his clients with practical and technical advice on ownership structures, asset protection, cash flow analysis, and minimising tax obligations.

Amir Ishak

Amir Ishak is a Principal Advisor and Client Director at Property Tax Specialists. A Chartered Accountant (CA), Amir has over 20 years of experience in business advisory, accounting and tax, and is named 2021’s Property Specialist Accountant of the Year.

Amir’s strong research, analytical, and project management skills help him meet the varied financial needs of his clients. His long years of experience enables him to find optimum solutions to their accounting and tax challenges proficiently.

Amir has formally held senior advisory positions with Big 4 accounting firms and financial institutions. Passionate about property, Amir is excited to share his skills and knowledge with his clients at Property Tax Specialists.

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