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Avoid the hidden pitfalls of Capital gains tax

If you’re investing in property and are flying blind about capital gains tax … the ATO is going to love you.
Because you’ll be leaving way too much money on the table for them.

Do you know?…

  • When is a property exempt from CGT?
  • What makes a property subject to CGT? 
  • How many properties can be exempt from CGT? 
  • How is the exemption from CGT extended? 
  • How long can exemption be extended for? 
  • How is CGT calculated? What is included in the cost base? How does depreciation affect CGT? 
  • What is the major concession available to reduce CGT?  
  • Can a Capital Gain from the sale of one property be rolled over into a new one?  
  • Where you occupied two properties as a Main Residence at different times, what factors should be considered to minimise CGT on sale?  
  • What is the CGT status of inherited property? And when purchased before 1985 
  • How is CGT on Land calculated?  
  • Transfer/Gift to relatives – what are the CGT consequences?
  • Non-Resident for tax purposes – what are the implications? 
  • Subdividing? what are the implications CGT, GST & other taxes

Well our clients do because they’re already structured to pay less capital gains tax

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