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Asset protection for your hard-earned wealth 

Asset protection plays a critical role in growing your investment property portfolio. When you’ve invested years of effort and resources into amassing your real estate assets, you want assurance that your hard-earned wealth is shielded from situations outside of your control.

If an unanticipated issue arises, proper asset protection structures can safeguard your properties and minimise any potential financial damage. Without strategic protection measures in place, your entire portfolio could be at risk in the event of a claim or loss. Just one lawsuit could put your assets in jeopardy if you don’t have the right defences to contain the impact.

By working with a specialist to implement multi-layered asset protection strategies, you can fortify your investments against financial exposure. Proactive asset protection gives you greater control and peace of mind that your property investments have reliable safeguards against possible misfortune.

Effective asset protection strategies

An asset protection strategy is necessary to identify possible risks and develop ways to mitigate them. And it should be aligned with your goals. There are many ways to protect significant assets, so we focus on these key areas when developing your strategy.


  • First, we take time to completely understand the full scope of your portfolio goals and expected time horizons. What is your ultimate investment vision in the coming years and decades? Gaining clarity around your objectives and schedules enables us to devise integrated protection approaches that bolster security while allowing room for future growth.
  • Next, we analyse the current state of your holdings by getting a clear, documented picture of all existing assets and liabilities. This includes gathering details on your properties, ownership structures, mortgages, corporate entities, and any debts or obligations tied to your investments. Compiling a comprehensive profile ensures we know exactly what needs to be shielded.
  • Lastly, we determine your overall risk tolerance level and potential exposures based on the type and scale of portfolio you are building. We evaluate vulnerabilities you may face, from market corrections to tenant problems to liability claims. Defining your risk profile guides strategic decisions on protection priorities and establishing appropriate structures.

Structuring investments to protect business assets and personal assets

Getting advice on legal ownership and loan structuring in advance is the best way to make sure you protect assets. Limited liability companies, trusts, and SMSFs are common ownership structures that a business owner or investor may use for asset protection. 

Structuring asset ownership in this way also provides tax benefits, income distribution options, and an easier way to facilitate generational wealth transfer. We also review existing property ownership to determine whether it should change to reflect your risk position. 

Because of our holistic approach, our investment structuring advice isn’t limited to property. We provide advice on other assets, such as shares and commercial property, as part of analysing your overall portfolio protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Asset Protection?

The most effective asset protection plans utilise multiple layers of defence through entities like discretionary family trusts and corporate structures. Sophisticated set-ups with ownership diversity, proper insurance, and creditor protection establish reinforced walls around your properties. 

How Much Does Asset Protection Cost?

The costs of implementing asset protection vary widely based on the specifics of your portfolio and selected strategies. 

Why Do I Need an Asset Protection Specialist?

Navigating the intricacies of asset protection requires the expertise of tax specialists well-versed in corporate, trust, and property law. They understand the appropriate entity structures for shielding assets based on your situation. For example, a business structure or limited liability company may be the best solution for you. Relying on generalised legal or financial advice could leave loopholes in your planning. Professional guidance maximises protection.

What Are the Risks of Not Having Asset Protection?

Without proactive asset protection, your entire investment property portfolio could be financially exposed in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Just one mishap could lead to losing ownership rights over your hard-earned assets. Having appropriate protection solutions gives you control over your wealth and confidence that your holdings are secured.

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