Landlords the ATO and deductions

Landlords the ATO and deductions

How Far Will ATO Go in pursuing Landlords and Deductions?

With their improved systems and their vast resources, ATO usually takes the weakest case to court in their pursuit to establish a precedent that they can apply to all other cases. This is difficult as the majority of situations are never black and white … they all shades of grey. See below for such as a pursuit by ATO and the outcome.

While the stock market has only recently showed signs of life, it has been weak. Many people have concluded that managing their own funds for retirement is a better alternative. Using the low tax rates and asset protection benefits available to SMSF have attracted many to form one. Due to increasing interest and queries we are receiving we are planning a few articles on the basics of SMSF formations. Look out for those in the future.

The tax compliance year is in full swing. Many clients have rushed in to get their refunds in before Christmas. To help save time/money and guide them through the process, Property Tax Specialist clients receive a comprehensive checklist and templates.

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