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Can You Claim Depreciation on an Investment Property?

Navigating the world of investment properties can be a rewarding yet complex endeavour, especially when it comes to understanding the various tax implications involved.  One key aspect of property investment that often goes overlooked is depreciation, a tax deduction that can significantly enhance the returns on your investment. In Australia, investors can claim depreciation on [...]

Understanding Who Pays Land Tax in Australia

Navigating the intricacies of who is liable for land tax in Australia can feel like solving a challenging puzzle. There are approximately 10.9 million properties in Australia, and many of their owners regularly scratch their heads over this very issue. If you've found yourself amid this conundrum, pondering whether you're accountable for this yearly charge [...]

3 Things to Consider Before Investing in Property in a Trust

Investing in property is a popular strategy for many Australians, and one option that people consider is purchasing property through a trust.  There are several potential benefits to this approach, including asset protection, tax efficiency, and flexibility in distributing income. However, before jumping into this type of investment, it's important to weigh a range of [...]

What Costs Are Involved in Owning an Investment Property in Australia?

Owning an investment property in Australia has the potential to provide significant financial rewards, but understanding the costs—both initial and ongoing—is essential to accurately projecting your investment returns. The Australian real estate market can be a goldmine for those who are prepared, but stepping in unprepared can lead to unexpected costs and challenges. So, here’s [...]

What Are Super Funds? A Comprehensive Guide to Superannuation

Constantly asking “What are super funds?” You’re not alone. Superannuation, colloquially known as super, is a long-term savings plan designed to provide a reliable source of income after retirement. It acts as a financial safety net that supplements or replaces the government pension in Australia.  Understanding Superannuation Superannuation is an arrangement where a portion of [...]

A Guide to Using Equity to Buy Investment Property

A Guide to Using Equity to Buy Investment Property  Have you ever wondered if your home or existing investment property is more than just a brick-and-mortar asset? If you have, then you're on the right path. Your property is not just a piece of real estate; it's a goldmine of opportunities.  It could be the [...]

How To Calculate Depreciation in Australia

Australia's real estate market is a dynamic one. But there's more to owning property than just rental income and rising property values. One often overlooked benefit is property tax depreciation - a tool that can greatly increase your investment's profitability.  Whether you're an experienced property owner or a new investor, understanding tax depreciation is key [...]

What are the Tax Implications of Duplex Developments?

Duplex properties are growing in popularity across Australia, especially in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne.  If you are considering build and hold or buy and hold strategy, for property investors and developers, duplexes can provide attractive opportunities to maximise returns. However, these dual-occupancy dwellings also come with unique tax considerations. Understanding the tax implications [...]

Commercial Property GST Australia: An Essential Guide for Buyers and Investors

The world of commercial property transactions can be both exciting and complex, with various factors to consider when buying or selling a property.  Among these factors, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) plays a significant role, as it can have substantial financial implications for both buyers and sellers in the Australian commercial property market. Understanding [...]

Navigating Property Development GST

When it comes to investing in property, the tax environment is relatively straightforward for most investors. You purchase an investment property, rent it out, and pay tax on the rental income you generate. When the time comes to sell the property, you're required to pay capital gains tax on any profit made from the sale.  [...]

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