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Steps to Dispute Land Tax Return

In an era where the cost of living is skyrocketing and interest rates are climbing, the need to dispute land tax return figures becomes even more pressing for property owners. Have you ever wondered if you’re paying an unjust amount? If the thought of disputing your land tax return has crossed your mind, here’s what […]

How To Manage the Cost of Living in Australia

The cost of living in major cities across Australia has been steadily rising, putting immense pressure on household budgets nationwide. Soaring prices for essentials like groceries and utilities have made it increasingly challenging for families to make ends meet.  However, there's a potential solution for homeowners and property investors – implementing smart property tax strategies. [...]

The Low and Middle-Income Tax Offset is Gone. Could Tax Cuts Provide Relief?

As costs of living continue to rise across Australia, tax changes can have a significant impact on household budgets. One such change that many Australians had grown accustomed to was the low and middle-income tax offset.  This handy offset provided some welcome relief at tax time for those earning up to $126,000. However, all good [...]

Property Tax Specialists vs. Accountants: Making the Right Choice

Property Tax Specialists vs. Accountants: which should you choose? Deciphering financial terms can feel like trying to read a menu in a foreign language. And when it comes to understanding the roles of Property Tax Specialists versus non-specialist Accountants, the confusion only deepens.  Both are essential in the financial world, but they serve distinct purposes.  [...]

What is Property Tax? Everything You Need To Know

Owning property is widely recognised as a hallmark of the Australian dream, symbolising stability and financial achievement. However, the financial landscape of property ownership extends far beyond the initial purchase, encompassing various ongoing and potential costs that may not be immediately apparent.  Among these, property taxes stand out as a notable and continuous financial obligation [...]

Tax Residency Meaning and Its Impact on Your Tax Return

Understanding the tax residency meaning is essential, as these rules play a fundamental role in determining how individuals engage with Australia's income tax system.  These rules dictate which income is taxed in Australia, at what rates, and impact capital gains tax outcomes, the Medicare levy, and the taxation of Australian-sourced dividend and interest income. Residency [...]

Potential Drawbacks and Benefits of Partnerships in Business

Exploring the 'Benefits of Partnerships in Business' is key when embarking on the entrepreneurial journey. At the heart of any new business venture lies the pivotal decision to select the right legal structure. This choice not only influences your business's management approach and tax implications but, more importantly, it plays a central role in asset [...]

Debunking 5 Property Tax Myths

Amid the allure of property investment in Australia, property tax myths often cloud the understanding of many, especially given the perceived security of bricks and mortar. The aim of this article is to debunk these common misconceptions and provide clarity on how property investment taxes work. Myth 1: All Travel Expenses Related to the Rental [...]

Should You Use an Asset Protection Trust?

In many minds, property investment is a rewarding journey characterised by attractive prospects for capital growth and rental income. We visualise an appreciating asset, steady income, and a robust portfolio that fuels our financial goals.  Yet, what’s often less talked about—but equally essential—is the aspect of asset protection. Capital growth and rental yields undoubtedly form […]

How to calculate principal and interest payments

How to calculate principal and interest payments is a question many are asking, especially with the current buzz around rising interest rate hikes. It’ s not uncommon to overhear someone lament, ‘I haven’t even made a dent in the principal loan amount. It’s all interest!’  This highlights the need to truly grasp the mechanics of […]

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